All Millennials Should Be Fiscal Conservatives

by Chad Whittle 

Most people in the media assume that overall Millennials are liberals. That may be true in regards to social issues (and that’s a debate for another day), but when it comes to finances, everyone in my generation should be fiscal conservatives.

My generation should be called “Generation Student Debt,” because most of us have debt up to our eyeballs that many of us may never pay back. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the job market isn’t really booming with high paying jobs (or low paying jobs for that matter) for us to get that can help us pay off our debt burdens.

Twenty-something’s have been sold a box of feel good fiscal lies that some have completely bought into. Blame it on being young and dumb. Blame it on not understanding economics. Blame it on the rain (Some of you got that 1990s pop reference). I personally blame it on the Republican Party.

The GOP has done a poor job in reaching out to not only my generation, but really all generations in explaining how their policies can help. Sure, they campaign around election time and offer up talking points about lower taxes and helping the middle class, but they need to be spreading the fiscal conservative message daily. Do you ever see the Democrats taking a day off in spreading their message? Heck no.

You may disagree with the Democrat Party’s politics, but you have to give them credit for their relentless pursuit of winning and spreading their party platform. They don’t even take weekends off. Yes, Republicans have Fox News, talk radio, and some websites, but they need to hang out in our digital neighborhood.

The Republicans need to create more social media content, and yes, even write op-eds for sites such as BuzzFeed. It’s like dating. You gotta go to them, the Millennial girls aren’t gonna come to you. If you only target a conservative audience, you’ll only reach young conservatives. If you present your arguments on popular Millennial hangouts such as BuzzFeed, then you’ll expand your audience.

Just please don’t be cheesy about it. Having Karl Rove write a BuzzFeed post using words such as “totes,” “yas,” and other young Millennial slang in an effort to relate will come off as disingenuous and lame. Don’t try to be cool. Just be honest and present your message of fiscal responsibility.

The GOP needs to cover topics that are important to my age, including student loans, credit card debt, growing the economy (so young graduates can find jobs within their field). Also, they need to realize that many of us have no clue about finances and understand how the economy and taxes work.  A basic explanation of economics and what free markets and supply side economics actually are may be needed. Remember, most young Americans only know Reagan through false media portrayals of him.

The Republicans have a monumental task ahead of them in order to reach Millennials. This challenge shouldn’t be frowned upon, but should be an exciting endeavor for them because they have the winning message. Now take that message that has won in the past and digitize it for the Millennial generation. In the words of Millennials, that would be like, so, like totes on point, yas for realz!

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Posted on June 4, 2015 .