A Look At the Future American Culture From the Post Millennial Generation Perspective

Millennials are the “it” generation right now and if I was one of the narcissistic members of my generation, I’d be really happy that everyone in marketing and the media are looking at us. Maybe that’s one reason so many older generations hate my generation because we are so self-centered and in love with ourselves.

I know that my fellow Millennials may find this surprising, but believe it or not, one day it won’t be all about us. I know, I know, that is crazy talk, but it’s true.

Since soon my generation will be like yesterday’s news in today’s newspaper, I am interested in seeing where we’ll be heading as a society and culture because of the next generation.

BusinessInsider.com had an interesting look at the upcoming generation that senior citizens will love to hate, Generation Z. These crazy kids were born after 1995 and from what I can read about them, they’re going to be even more self-centered than even us Millennials (if that is even possible).

This is the first generation that has never lived without internet. Imagine if they had to deal with dial-up internet like us Millennials had to, they’d probably die. Although, dial-up was almost like not having internet. A fun punishment for teenagers would be to make them use dial-up internet. They’d never complain again about slow Netflix streaming.

Generation iPhone always has two screens in each hand, and really it seems as if they are physically attached to their devices. Now they can have a third device wrapped around their wrist thanks to smart watches. I’d advise them not to cross the street for obvious reasons.

Like most generations before them, they think their parents are total squares on morality. Or, as a one of them would say, their parents are so “basic.” I think I used that right. You see, they’re not into this whole old fashion morality thing. They’re hip to the beat of the new liberalism sweeping social media and America.

None of them can talk to each other in person, unless they’ve got a device in their hand. God forbid the power ever goes out and cell towers, I guess they’d sit in silence in the dark.

Also, sorry Hollywood, they’d rather watch YouTube celebrities than Hollywood A-listers. You can’t really blame them on that one. Most of the movies coming out of Hollywood stinks. YouTube is a lot more entertaining than watching another remake of a movie that shouldn’t be remade. 

Finally, they’re worried over the economy and climate change. They should spend less time on the environment, and probably should spend more time worrying about the economy.

So it appears that the next generation of Americans will be equal, if not more self-absorbed than my generation. All of this self-centeredness and obsession with technology, fame and other things that don’t matter in the long run in life is not good or healthy for the kids mindset or the American culture overall. With that being said, excuse me so I can go Tweet this story out on my Twitter page, and then post it to Facebook, and then text it to my friends. And oh yes, even send a Snapchat or two. 

Posted on June 10, 2015 .