Why I'm a Christian

Life is not easy. For anyone. There isn’t a person alive that hasn’t had some struggle. Some have health problems. Others have family and emotional problems. Most have financial problems from time to time. Whatever you may personally be going through, have gone through or will go through, life can be difficult.

I am no different. I have had problems in my life as well. Growing up my dad suffered multiple heart attacks and has had more bypass surgeries than I can remember. He’s also diabetic and had to retire due to his health problems when I was in middle school.

Because my dad had to retire, my mom has had to work many jobs over the years to help us make ends meet. It hasn’t been easy for her. She’s worked in public school (and currently does) she has worked as a crossing guard, worked at Burger King, and after school is out, she then goes to her second job of the day until 6:30 at night.  Working from 6:45am to 6:30pm is a long day.

Growing up I always worried about my dad’s health (and still do). I always wondered if he’d make it through another school year without having heart problems. I’m glad he’s still here, even though he does suffer from many health related problems.

I’m thankful that the only health related problems I’ve had is mostly allergies and acid reflux.

I’m 29 years old, which is hard for me to believe. I’m not sure where my twenties went. Right now I’m in a PHD program, which is a lot of work, but I’m grateful for the opportunity. 

As I said, I’ve had my share of problems, but through it all, my dad and mom have always counted on God and has sought Him and His will to get us through. My dad has never, not once, ever felt sorry for himself or blamed or questioned God for his problems. If you know my dad, he’s the nicest man you could ever meet, and it may seem unfair that he would have these problems, but he’s always prayed and trusted God to see him through. And so has my mom.

Watching my parents live out their faith and how they’ve reacted to what life has thrown their way has been my source of inspiration and comfort when tough times have come.

When I view the news and what is happening in the world, I always turn back to the lessons my parents taught me and the Biblical principles they instilled in me. I read the Bible and what it says and I see that God’s way of peace, love, faith, forgiveness, and salvation is the only hope for the world. I see the chaos in the streets and I think of the book of revelation and how all signs point towards the Bible being true as world events seem to point towards the predictions in the New Testament. 

My Christian worldview that I have because of my parents and what I’ve been taught reminds me when the storms of life come that God has a plan, a purpose and I feel a peace come over me. Yes, I worry about the future and my life. I know I shouldn’t, but I do worry. However, even when I worry, I always come back to what God has said in His word and I always end up going from worry to peace because I know in my heart that He’s in control and He has a plan.

If you are truly a Christ follower you feel a peace in your heart even during the tough times. Those that don’t have Christ living in their hearts can’t understand it. It’s something you have to experience.

I think of all the people that don’t have Christ living in their hearts and it makes me so sad. I feel sorry for atheists, agnostics, and others that don’t have any hope. I wish I could say or do something to make them see that God is real and He loves them and has a plan for their lives. I also wonder how do they make it through life when the tough times come? We all have a God shaped hole in our souls that only Christ can fill and until you allow Him to fill it, you’ll always feel empty in your heart. 

I’m thankful that I grew up in a Christian home and for the example my parents have been in my life. I’m glad I accepted Christ when I was young and I have been trying to live a life that brings Him joy ever since. I’m just like everyone else and I have my doubts, worries and problems, but at the end of the day, I always come back to the peace in my heart that only comes from Christ. He’s in control and the older I get, the more I see that He’s real.

I’m a Christian because I’ve seen Him work in my life and He continues to each and everyday. I’m not perfect, far from it, but I worship a perfect and loving Creator. If you're reading this, and you aren't a believer, I hope you'll consider opening your heart to Him, because once you do, you'll never want to experience life without the hope of Christ again. I'm thankful to be a Christian, and If you haven't already, I hope one day you'll accept Christ as your Savior. Your life won't be easier, you'll still experience problems, but you'll feel a peace and hope that only He can bring.

(C) 2015 Chad Whittle.

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Posted on December 10, 2015 .